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Fort Lauderdale, FL

Woodrow Piney is a self-taught musician who began documenting his creative process with music on the internet in 2017. His songs are released upon completion, and this discography serves to show fans how his art has evolved over time - it can be read like any other book or journal for those willing enough!

Jonathan Taylor. is an up-and-coming songwriter and producer who formed his solo project in San Diego, CA. Now based in Fort Lauderdale, FL, Woodrow is still writing and producing songs in his free time. His music showcases the songwriting process as he fumbles through it - making each song unique and interesting.

What started as a hobby for Jonathan Taylor (songwriter/producer) quickly turned into a passion when he formed Woodrow Piney. Blending genres and pushing boundaries, Woodrow's sound is ever-changing and always interesting. With over 2,500 miles between him and his original outpost, Woodrow continues to write and produce songs whenever he has free time.

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